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COVID-19 and Dogs

Continuing our series on COVID-19, we are taking a step back from the legislative updates and business implications to focus on pet adoption and fostering. The constant barrage of health statics, business closings, new government policies, and economic indicators is making people feel overwhelmed, helpless and stressed. What better way to combat all those negatives than with adopting a dog (or a cat). Roscoe says dogs are better, except for when Stella looks like this!

As a dog friendly office, we know the benefits of having dogs and other animals. The unconditional love, the exercise, and the companionship help combat the malaise of current times. There are countless news stories boasting how communities have come together to help out the shelters as they have had to close due to COVID-19. Pet Finders has a page devoted to pet adoptions in this new era of contactless encounters.

How do you find a pet? Petfinders. They have a listing of animals that is searchable by breed, location, and a series of other criteria. Most of the local shelters and pet rescue organizations list their animals on the site. Look for the perfect companion safely on your computer or phone.

If adoption is too much of a commitment because you are worried about what will happen when you go back to a more normal routine, consider fostering. Contact a local organization; Save a Stray, ARF, or the Humane Society of Mobile, and complete an application available online. Fostering is a great way to find out if you are ready to be a pet owner. It helps a homeless animal. Like kittens, but don’t want a cat. Foster kittens.

Pets make life better and we will get through COVID-19.

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