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So, Who is Tom Loper?

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I was born and raised along Fowl River in south Mobile County.  My parents, married for over 50 years, have worked hard and continue to sacrifice to be there for their kids and grandkids.  My dad was a U.S. Army helicopter pilot in the Vietnam War who then spent 26 years working at Degussa (now Evonik), a large chemical plant south of Mobile.  My mom was an educator who worked at several local public schools as a teacher, counselor, and principal over a 30 year career.  Neither one took retiring too seriously, with dad returning to flying helicopters well into his 60s and mom taking a job as an advocate for abused children.  They are now fully retired and living on a farm in Washington County, Alabama.

I am one of three children.  My sister, Kim, is a Licensed Professional Counselor.  She is married to husband Erik, and has three kids: Maddie, McKinley, and Lathan.  My brother, John, is a Nurse Practitioner.  He is married to wife Charlie, and has two kids: Bryson and Colt.  My parents had their hands full raising me, Kim, and John.  My brother, sister, and I spent most of our childhoods outside, usually building forts in the woods or playing sports until after the sun went down. 

After graduating from Theodore High School, I moved to Tuscaloosa and attended the University of Alabama for college and law school.  During this time, I became fascinated with traveling the world and started planning my education around studying and traveling in foreign countries.  I improved my Spanish and studied Portuguese and developed a strong interest in Latin America. 

When I graduated from law school, I headed north to Washington, D.C. and spent six years working and studying there.  As a young lawyer, I worked with large corporate clients on matters from environmental damage in the Amazon to arranging the sale of beef jerky in Buenos Aires.  Business transactions were fascinating, and I even returned to school to complete a Masters degree in Business Administration. 

The long hours and time abroad eventually brought me home to Mobile.  The pull of family and the reality that Mobile was starting to realize its potential were too much to overcome.  I moved back to Fowl River and connected with the community in new and fascinating ways.  I accepted a position at an established Mobile law firm and became a tireless advocate for clients throughout Alabama and the Gulf Coast. 

Over six year later, it was time to step out on my own, so that I could better serve my clients, and Loper Law LLC was born.  I am still the same guy who grew up in the woods of southern Alabama.  I just have a little more experience and polish.  Located in downtown Mobile, one block down from Barton Academy, let me put my experience and polish to work for you.        

Loper Law LLC

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