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Does My Agreement Need to Be in Writing?

You make a deal to sell or provide something to your friend.  It might be something as small as your old push mower or as large as the push mower factory you own.  Whatever it is, you reach some sort of agreement for that transaction.  The law has developed over centuries as to whether you need a contract for that transaction, and if so, what needs to be in it.

An experienced commercial attorney can help you determine whether you need a written contract (here’s a hint: you probably do!) and what needs to be included in that contract.  If it is a simple transaction, likely a simple written document will suffice.  However, for more complex transactions, considerations for human capital, preexisting financial obligations, and intellectual property need to be accounted for in your written contract.  Then, let’s say you are making an agreement with someone in another state, or even another country; you want someone who has experience practicing across state lines and international borders.

If you are entering into any sort of transaction where you think you might need a written contract, please consult with an attorney experienced in commercial transactions.  Don’t go the route of drafting something yourself or pulling something off the internet.  Something as simply as selling that old push mower to your neighbor could end up costing your house or your business.  When you need guidance on your next deal, contact Loper Law LLC.    

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